Individuals of all castes and religions will be registered on the website www.vivahmilan.com


Registration will be free of cost if the concerned member registers himself. If you register through franchise, service charges of Rs 100 will be charged as registration fee.


To register any member, it will be mandatory to have photo and Aadhar card. Registration without Aadhar card will be invalid.


The amount of any plan purchased by the customer from our portal will not be refunded on any subject.


We have created this online platform only for the purpose of providing this portal to the customers so that they can find / find the right partner for the wedding opportunity / marriage.


The purpose of our portal is only to find a suitable mate for our members and we do not promote any dating site. And no one should misuse our portal like a dating site.


VivahMilan.com will never be used for online dating and no one should. If we receive any such complaint against a registered customer, an FIR will be registered against the concerned customer and his membership will be cancelled immediately.


We are working to provide online services. We will never disclose your information to any unregistered person or anyone else.


Registered customers should register their grievances in our grievance department if they have any grievances regarding Vivah Milan Portal.


The child boy should be 21 years of age to register the marriage.


To register marriage, the girl must be 18 years of age.


Parents can register their child.


While registering the names of the girls, the girls are requested to give the mobile number of their parents without giving their own mobile number.


After registering with VivahMilan.com, if you get married, it is mandatory to give the information to Customer Care or you can cancel the registration on the portal yourself.


The Company may at any time make changes in its services and plans, plans and related amounts without any prior notice to the customer.


A registered customer on the portal can take the contact number of the person on any portal and keep on texting the person. If the person concerned complains against you, your membership will be cancelled immediately.


It is necessary to check the authenticity of the person you have taken information from our portal by yourself or your relatives.


If a member is cheated on our portal, he / she will be responsible for the loss. The loss will not be related to Vivah Milan.com.


. Members should not engage in financial transactions with any person on the portal VivahMilan.com.


We cannot guarantee that your marriage will be after registering on our portal.


Do not do any anti-social act or act on our portal.


Taking screenshots of photos of girls, sending messages to them without any reason, harassing them by constantly calling and harassing them. Any act like making phone calls and texting when the girl does not want to be considered an offense will be reported FIR to the police station.


If you find that no one misuses the information available on this portal, you will be dealt with under copyright.


Sharing information on the portal VivahMilan.com, WhatsApp, Telegram Messenger, Social Media, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and other means will be considered an offense and an FIR will be lodged in the police station.


We do not make any changes in the information reported by the customers. We cannot guarantee that the information reported will be perfect correct.


The registered member should not engage in any financial transactions with any other registered members and both the parties should conduct the marriage and other financial transactions with the convincing and complete information of each other.


Vivah Milan.com is just an online matchmaking company. Our aim is only to serve the community. We do not allow any malpractice in the company.


. If the registered member does not engage in any illegal or indecent obscene behavior that would have to endure social / economic / physical / mental harassment that would interfere with the freedom of any person, his membership will be permanently canceled and an FIR will be lodged against him at the police station.


Registered member should use polite language while communicating with company public relations officers.


Registered member should use polite and respectful language while communicating with other members.


The package money of the plan purchased once by the customer will not be refunded under any circumstances. The plan can be updated from time to time.


The company will automatically cancel the membership of the members who have not logged in once in 12 months


If the customer is going to the franchisee and using the service, it is necessary to treat the franchisee properly.


. If the franchisee holder is not providing proper service and treatment and is taking more money from you, you can lodge a complaint against that franchisee in our complaints department.

Thank You